Teeth Whitening in Naples, Florida

Teeth Whitening Parkshore Dentistry dentist in Naples Florida Dr. Jenny D’Amelio DDSIf you are already satisfied with the alignment of your teeth but are still not fully confident with your smile, teeth whitening may be the best decision for you. Teeth whitening can take any smile and make it brighter, boosting your self-esteem and your desire to show it off. Here at Park Shore Dentistry, we use KöR Whitening to give you quick and lasting results. Keep reading to learn more about KöR Whitening and how it can benefit you!


KöR Teeth Whitening

Today there are many different types of teeth whitening available. Each has its pros and cons, so it can be hard to know what will work best for you. KöR Whitening is a take home whitening kit that allows you to whiten your teeth at any time. 

KöR Whitening comes with whitening trays that are custom made to your mouth. Each tray is built to keep saliva out, allowing a stronger concentration of the whitening bleach to cover your teeth. The whitening trays can also be worn while you sleep. Because the gel has direct contact with the enamel of your teeth, the outcome of your treatment will be brighter and the results will last longer. 


KöR Whitening Procedure

When you come into our office and express interest in KöR Whitening, the doctor will have you in for a consultation. After reviewing your oral history and ensuring that your teeth are strong and healthy enough for teeth whitening, the dentist will talk to you about your desired results. Impressions of your teeth will be taken to create the KöR whitening trays and protectants for your gums. 

For those who are needing a stronger dose of the whitening gel, an in-office treatment may be recommended to you to start you off. For those who don’t need the stronger version of KöR, whitening gel tubes will be given to you. Keep in mind that the take-home tubes of whitening gel shouldWe send you tubes of bleaching gel that are meant to be refrigerated. Keeping the tubes refrigerated allows for any unstable chemicals to remain potent. 

When you want to begin your whitening treatment, you first start by applying a line of gel along the tray and placing it in your mouth. Brushing your teeth after each time you whiten is extremely important. 

For any questions or concerns that you may have about KöR Whitening, we invite you to give us a call or come into our office in Naples, Floria, right away. At Park Shore Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping you gain the confidence in your smile that you are looking for.