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The Benefits Of Dental Crowns And Bridges

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Having a bright and beautiful smile makes you more confident and personable. If you have missing or broken teeth you may be in need of a dental crown or bridge. Some of the benefits of dental crowns and bridges include:
  • Restoring form and function
  • Preventing possible further damage
  • Restoring youthful appearance
Dental crowns and bridges are effective, long-lasting and safe solutions for people with broken, cracked, missing or discolored teeth. And with proper care, they can last for many, many years. Take the first step in restoring your healthy smile. Call our office to schedule an appointment today at (239) 280-0304.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a small cap that covers a damaged tooth. This small cap is made to replace the visible part of a cracked or broken tooth. It is custom-made to match your smile’s color and restores shape, size, and structural integrity.

Are You In Need Of A Restorative Dentistry In Naples?

Dental bridges are another form of smile restoration with a similar concept to crowns. A dental bridge includes several crowns in a single appliance. Dental bridges are a conservative non-removable option for missing teeth.

Why Do I Need A Professional Cleaning?

If you are looking to restore your smile, please contact us at ParkShore Dentistry to schedule an appointment today.