Benefits of Invisalign

We use Invisalign clear aligners that are virtually invisible to other people to gently and gradually move your teeth. Straightening your teeth is not just about making your smile look better; other benefits include:
  • Ability to chew your food properly
  • Speak more clearly
  • Prevent abnormal wear to the teeth
Leave those brackets and wires in the past! Invisalign can give you the smile of your dreams without disrupting your daily life.
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Invisalign are clear aligners that go over your teeth. They exert pressure, moving teeth to correct the bite and give an improved smile. They are discreet, making them the ideal choice for most adults or professionals who don’t want to make it obvious that they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

What Are Invisalign?

Invisalign work just as well as traditional braces when shifting your teeth but without the clunky metal mouth. Shaped like a retainer, the clear aligners go over your teeth, exerting pressure in certain places to give you an even smile and healthy bite. Every couple of weeks, you’ll swap aligners, applying new force and encouraging movement.

How Do Invisalign Work?

Invisalign clear aligners allow you to achieve a straighter smile and better bite without making it obvious. So, if your bite is in need of orthodontic intervention, contact us today to schedule an appointment to explore your options!

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See what Invisalign treatment could do for you!

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