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What Are The Benefits Of An Extraction?

The goal of dentistry is to promote good oral health and comfort so that you can lead a healthier life and eat the foods you love. We recommend dental extractions only as a last resort to protect your health, eliminate symptoms, or reduce pain – and it is never a recommendation that we take lightly.
We understand that you may have concerns about dental extractions.  We will try to make sure that these concerns are addressed and your questions are answered.

What Is An Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the purposeful and controlled removal of a damaged tooth. This is best when a tooth has experienced trauma, decay, or irreversible damage. An extraction is the absolute last resort for a tooth.

What Happens After An Extraction?

Leaving an empty space in your mouth can lead to bone loss or undesirable tooth movement that can affect other teeth. Replacement options after an extraction can include a dental implant, bridge or partial dentures. We will help you determine your best course of action.

Are You In Need Of A Tooth Extraction In Naples?

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